Would recommend to anyone looking for quality work at a fraction of what the Apple Store was trying to charge. Went in with a shattered screen, and within the hour it was done, and I was out the door. It looks brand new again! The friendly staff here are really why I will be coming back.

AE Friess,

Longmont Mac Repair replaced my iMac's hard drive within a few days and at a reasonable price. Alex went "above and beyond" to help me troubleshoot a couple issues and to be sure that it was set up the way I wanted it. It's great to have this kind of service available in Longmont.

C. Ferenc, Consultant

Need a repair, upgrade memory or a drive look no further. I burned out the magsafe daughter board on my MacBook Pro from a bad charge cable. Was fixed fast (the next day) without any BS.

Mr. S. Hackett,