PC Repair


Hardware Repair

We do many hardware repairs, from broken screens to dvd drives to non-functioning keyboards.  We will diagnose and fix the problem. This service starts at $69.


Tune Up

If your computer is running slowly, it may need a deep dive tune up.  It may have a virus or malware. We can go in and clean up unwanted programs and files that are slowing you down.  Bring it in today!

data recover

Hard Drives

Your hard drive may be slowing down or clicking.  We can replace failing or failed hard drives, fast.  Our Microsoft certified techs can be of service. If you're worried about losing your data, we have data backup solutions and data recovery options.



When you're not sure what is wrong, we can figure it out for you, by running a diagnostic.  This fee is $69, but you can apply that toward any repair.


Software Support

If there is a bug or problem with your operating system, we can track it down.  We can also upgrade or install an OS for you.



We can replace your worn out battery to rejuvinate an aging laptop.