Is your Mac slow, freezing, or just acting weird? We can run Apple diagnostics and figure out the problem.

Hard Drives

We can replace your failing hard drive, in many cases in one day. You don’t have to wait weeks, Longmont Mac Repair works fast and efficiently.

Hardware Repair

We replace broken screens, dvd drives, batteries, keyboards, trackpads, charging ports and more.


We can upgrade your hard drive to a blazing fast ssd drive, install more memory for a faster computer, or upgrade the system in your iMac or Mac Pro.


We stock many Apple laptop batteries, and have a fast turnaround for installation.

Water Damage

We know it’s an awful feeling when you drop a drink onto your MacBook Pro. We have a state of the art machine that will sonically clean the tiny crevices in your logic board. No matter how it got wet, bring it in for a diagnostic and cleaning.

We are Apple experts and happy to help with your software and hardware problems. Call or come in, no appointment needed!