Helping you with…

iPhone Repair

Water Damage

iPhones and liquid don’t mix. We have a high tech liquid cleaning machine. If you got your phone wet, bring it by, we’ll dry it out and clean it. The faster you can get it into us, the better, as it doesn’t give it time to corrode. Many times this deep cleaning brings it back to life. Liquid diagnostics and cleaning are $69.

Broken Screen

Free screen protector with screen replacement! A $19.99 value for free!

A broken screen can ruin your day. We are here to get your iPhone fixed and running again. Most screens are done in an hour or less. No appointment needed, just stop in. Screens start at $79 depending on the model.


A lot of other things can go wrong with your iPhone. It stops charging, the buttons don’t work, it won’t turn on, you can’t remember your passcode….we can help with all of those things. Stop in anytime.

iPad Repair

Water Damage

If your iPad has gotten wet, and is no longer working properly, we can do diagnostics and dry it out. This service is $69.

Broken Screen

Your iPad was dropped, or crushed, or run over, and now the screen is broken. We repair iPads fast and effectively. Screen replacement starts at $129.


We offer help with software, setup, buttons that don’t work, broken charging ports, batteries and more. Bring it in, no appointment needed.

We service both Mac and PC. Choose your machine to see what services we offer
We know how important your data is to you. We offer data recovery and data transfer services starting at $69.


If your hard drive is slowing down or clicking, and you haven’t backed up your data, we may be able to recover it for you. We also offer data transfer from one machine to another, and have data backup solutions for those of you that don’t currently have a backup.

Regular Backups

Back it up! Your data is valuable, and we offer some solutions to get your data backed up. We can set up a time machine on your Mac for regular backups, and we have external hard drives for Mac or PC to back up your data. Call us today. 303-827-3131.